Teaching people to manage change, meet challenges, and take advantage of opportunity by the Power of Transformation.

President & CEO, John “Doc” Fuller

John “Doc” Fuller believes that in life, nothing occurs, changes or improves until decisions are made for the better. He has a thoroughly infectious enthusiasm for life, can convert an audience of lethargic doubters into an audience of people revived by a fresh awareness of their own potential. He inspires others as he generates the desire to succeed and get over the rough spots, no matter what reality places in their path.

He is brutally honest and believes that offering facts, teaching new ways to think, challenging thought processes will arm people with the knowledge and stresses they need to meet challenges, adapt to change and take advantage of opportunities. His unexpected meteoric rise to success as a dynamic public speaker and renowned prison consultant is relentless.  John says, “We are all personally accountable for achieving our goals.”  He also makes it clear that it’s important to assist people in celebrating life’s journey with character, decency and common sense.

John’s life experiences drive his philosophy, a set of skills to practice, all in the context of the facts of life.  He uses a personalized approach, with an aim to help individuals take charge of the change they want to see in their life. He excels at inspiring people to:

  • improve performance to get results and build stronger reputations.
  • make positive changes by looking at everyday situations with a fresh perspective.
  • realize untapped potential in themselves and in others

John’s goal with any group is to get them to laugh and enjoy themselves while acquiring rock solid techniques for living and working better. Regardless of age or occupation, we all want to feel powerful and function at our best. John has got the stories, the humor and the content to help them do just that. Good motivational speakers should be able to inspire an audience without any hype or phony sales tactics. Audiences need authentic people that they can relate to backed up with practical, real world content that they can apply to their life. (Read John’s Testimonials)

To request a speaking engagement, please call 1-732-831-7400 or feel free to fill out the Booking Inquiry Form . Someone from Prison Coach Speaking and Consulting will get back to you with availability and any other information you might need.

Please consider the following information when booking a speaking engagement:

1.  What city and state will you request me to speak?

2. What topics your organization wants me to cover?

3. What main points do you want your audience to take away?

3. How many people will attend?

4. Who will the audience consist?

5. How many times will I speak and for how long?

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