John Fuller – President & CEO/Public Speaker & Author

John “Doc” Fuller, CEO and President of Prison Coach Speaking and Consulting, knows we are more than the sum of our worst mistakes. A passionate advocate for the wayward, he feels deeply for those who have ended up on the wrong side of the law. No stranger to the system, Fuller served two short prison stints as a young man. Determined to turn his life around, he dedicated himself to using his powers for good. He is now a successful author, professional speaker, and highly sought after prison coach.

Since founding his consulting company in 2004, John has revolutionized the face of prison coaching. He expertly guides inmates through one of the most confusing and frightening experiences any individual undergoes. He equips each client with the necessary tools to organize their affairs prior to incarceration and mentally prepares them for inmate life. His insider’s guide covers not only the rules and regulations of the establishment, but the unwritten rules set by inmates. Finally, John educates his clients on the psychological impact of incarceration and implications for post-prison adjustment.

In 2014 John compiled his own observations and experiences into the “Ten Prison Commandments”, a text designed to help inmates survive county jails, or state and federal prisons. The self-published author has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS News, and Fox.

In 2017 John wrote his second book titled A Day In Prison which focused on an hour by hour behind prison walls. The book contained a glossary of prison terms in addition to valuable resources for not only male and females who will soon re-enter society but also resources for family members which will provide services  for them while their family and friends are incarcerated. A Day In Prison received praise from Fox News Commentator Doug Burns, Sal Luciano (Grandson of mob boss Charles “Lucky” Luciano)

As a public speaker, John focuses on promoting positive lifestyle changes and growing self-worth. He shares his own inspirational story, challenging audiences to unleash their own untapped potential. His shining example encourages everybody to be a positive force for change in their own lives. Under his guidance individuals are asked to challenge their limitations, embrace their personal power and elevate their lifestyle. Whether he’s connecting with a roomful of high school students, coaching a board of executives, or just chatting with a friend over coffee, his passion for speaking shines through.

Fueled by his desire to help others, John travels the country speaking at high schools, universities, community based programs, non-profit organizations, and businesses. He is on a mission to motivate, empower and uplift. Though he takes his work seriously, John is quick to laugh and a seasoned practical joker. His gentle spirit and deeply loving nature make him a natural advocate against domestic violence and animal abuse. He fiercely stands by his friends and family, using his characteristic calm charisma to uplift and protect.

When he’s not using his gift of gab to shape the world into a better place, John is either scouring the town for the perfect tie to add to his extensive collection, or training at the local gym. He shares his full and satisfying life with his wife and children, who are his rock and motivation.



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6 thoughts on “About John

  1. saw your site on my stats and thought really impressive. I thought about going into the prison service but then felt that I was not a particularly tough/aggressive type. What’s your vie w on the types of inmates you’ve met? Thanks

    1. It is not about being tough or aggressive, it is about providing something that will be a benefit to someone needs. Inmates are people too. Often they get look down on. However, having being a inmate for the past 27 years I understand to why people feel this way. I would like to point out that everyone that was incarceration is not bad people we just want a chance to do right

    2. You have a little bit of everyone in prison. Most inmates can read correction officers very well. They know who wants to simply
      come to work and do their job and who wants to make prison life more miserable then it all ready is.

  2. I heard you on the radio tonight, WVON, talking with Art Chat Daddy Simms. My son committed suicide in Juky of this year. He ended his life on a Friday., that’s the day I learned that he was scheduled to meet with the Feds to be indited (for something he thought was settled) on Tuesday. Listening to you tonight, made it a little clearer to me about what he was going through and how scared he really was. He never told me or his siblings what was going on. I just had to let you know how much I appreciate you .

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Beverly,

      Good afternoon. Thank you for listening to the show and sharing your unfortunate experience. I’m very sorry to hear about your son and can not fathom what the pain was and currently feels like. Please feel free to inbox me through my contact
      page and lets arrange to talk if you think there is something else I can share.

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