A Day In Prison  is the second of two books written by John Fuller. It has been praised by:

Sal Luciano (Nephew of Charles “Lucky” Lucciano) who stated “It was difficult for me to read this, as it brings back memories I have long worked to forget. I commend John for this effort, and I would recommend A Day in Prison to anyone entering prison, as well as to the families who have someone going into the system.”

Doug Burns, Fox News Insider writer and former US attorney  “I highly recommend Doc Fuller. . . . He takes the mysetery and much of the stress out of the equation.” 

 Lawrence LaSalle, administrative law judge  “If you break one of the unwritten prison rules, it could cost your life. Therefore, if you find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance where prison is your living situation, I recommend reading this book.”


Click Here To Order “A Day In Prison”

book cover


John’s self-published book titled The Ten Prison Commandments has been featured on Entertainment Tonight.  John was interviewed regarding the movie Get Hard featuring Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell. Fuller’s realistic approach to consulting clients who might be facing prison for the very first time or mentoring those who might be traveling down the dark road that leads to prison has always been valued by high profile clients and main stream media.

Click Here To Order “The Ten Prison Commandments”

My first of several short books to come was released and enjoyed by many who have never set foot inside a prison as well as those who have!











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